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U013_Schuytgraaf-field 2a Master Plan

Arnhem, Netherlands

Schuytgraaf is a new extension of the city of Arnhem that will provide in total 6.500 dwellings, divided into 25 different fields.
The area is placed on the west of Arnhem South, near the Over-Betuwe and the national park of the Hoge Veluwe and it presents a rich landscape and some roman paths.

The field 2A is situated on the north edge of Schuytgraaf and presents a density of 38-47 dwellings per hectare. A school will also be placed on this field.

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The field is surrounded by water on two sides, by a green park on the east and by a main traffic road on the south, where the main access to the field is placed.

The main topic to develop within this field according to the general urban plan is ‘Village square’.


The identity of this field is defined by the presence of several different ‘village squares’ along one main green axis that organizes the entrance to the different clusters and by two very clear edges with a more open character that face the water on the west side and the green area on the east.

Inner areas

In the inside of the field some row houses define the edge of the different squares thus providing unity to the complex and creating a plinth that gives continuity to the whole neighbourhood.

The intimate character of the small squares will be guaranteed by the fact that no car, except from emergency ones, can access these spaces.

The perspectives created by the visual connection between the squares and the secondary streets will underline the feeling of surprise along the main green axis.


On the edges of the field, more permeability is allowed in order to take advantage of the panoramic views over the green and the water of the surroundings.

The typologies placed on these two sides are single-family houses with big openings towards the landscape.

Some houses with courtyards are placed in a way that will enjoy views on both ‘worlds’, the inner squares and the outer edges. These are living and working units.

The squares

Both, the main green axis that runs north-south across the field and the squares are conceptually linked to a topic related to the history and the surroundings of Schuytgraaf.

The central axis will be linked to the idea of a romantic green path, designed to be enjoyed by walking along it , and not only by car (the main road for cars will not go through this path). Some topics that will characterize the squares are: ‘the forest’, ‘the dunes’, ‘the roman ruins’, etc.

Each square will present a very specific personality that will be readable in its materialization.

The secondary streets are aligned with one side of each square, thus allowing views from the outer edges towards the inner more intimate ‘world’. No secondary street is placed independently from the squares

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GEM Schuytgraaf Beheer
Residential (199 dwellings): row houses, semidetached houses, patio-houses, Multifunctional Center
Master Plan
6.4 Ha
50.155 m²