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U009_Vatnsmyrin Master Plan

Reykjavik, Iceland

The proposal is based on a flexible strategy capable of developing a dense and vibrant urban center over time. On a small and medium scale, the strategy is based on three elements:

– LT_Living Typologies: New housing typologies for new ways of living

– HC_Clusters Hybrids: Mix of life forms and activities

– NU_Neighborhood Units: Mix of activities and public spaces

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LT_Living Typologies: New dwelling typologies for new ways of living

LT_Living Typologies: New housing typologies for new ways of living

Eight types of housing have been proposed to respond to new ways of living and working. These typologies can also be transformed to create a very versatile catalogue of homes.

The basic typologies are: Compact-single, 360 degrees-loft, container-house, living & working, courtyard-dwelling, loft-apartment, living+working block and penthouse+office.

Each typology is suitable for a certain range of target groups, depending on factors such as the size of the dwelling, the number of rooms, accessibility for the elderly, the possibilities of combining life and work activities, etc.

Very different open spaces create different relationships between citizens and the nature that surrounds them: private garden, glazed balcony, collective garden, roof terrace, patio, etc.

Social sustainability is fostered by promoting social relationships among residents and sharing services and collective activities.

HC_Clusters Hybrids: Mix of life forms and activities

Various living typologies [LT] are mixed into a more complex entity called ‘hybrid cluster’ [HC].

The ‘hybrid cluster’ combines apartments, single-family houses, semidetached houses, penthouses, offices and commercial spaces in an urban compound that mixes different types of population groups, of different ages and lifestyles.

Each ‘hybrid cluster’ is organized around a green area or patio that combines private, collective and public spaces linked to the different types of housing.

The public space within each cluster allows the passage of citizens through it, thus becoming part of a network of paths that connect the entire area.

Various morphological configurations of clusters can be created, from the most dispersed layout, to the semi-open block, the green urban block or the closed urban block.

NU_Neighborhood Units: Mix of activities and public spaces

A neighborhood unit is an urban structure based on the organization of several hybrid units in a network of streets and squares.

Depending on the type of hybrid units selected, parameters such as density and the relationship between housing, work and commercial activities can be adjusted. This generates a great diversity of possible neighborhood units. Long-term development has to incorporate a mechanism that allows the adjustment of several interrelated parameters. These adjustments may be related to lifestyle changes, economic fluctuations, etc.

The entire Vatnsmýri area is divided into twelve neighborhood units that could be developed independently due to its internal structure surrounded by main streets.

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Municipality Reykjavik
Master plan: residential, facilities, commercial, offices, public spaces
150 Ha