Casanova+Hernandez architects | Research



Cultural Acupuncture

Strategies and interventions for place making & activating city life

The Future ADL Clusters

Strategies for social integration of handicapped


Urban intensification & social identity

Public Space Acupuncture

Public space strategies to regenerate urban public life

Hybrid Public Space (HPS)

Mixed solutions public-private to create vibrant cities

Children in the City

Functional and spatial solutions for child friendly cities

Collective Housing & Typology Mix

Housing heterogenization & collective identity

Sustainable Urbanism

Social, environmental and economical sustainability

Housing for Elderly

Housing solutions for an aging society

Urban Symbiosis: City & Nature

From garden-city to city-garden

Customized Housing

Strategies to personalize the living environment

Housing for Disabled People

Housing strategies for social integration of disabled people

Living & Working Typologies

Housing solutions for a growing demand of working at home

Housing & Flexibility

Flexible housing adjustable to user's demands

Urban Morphing

Transformation and renovation of the Dutch post-war city

Hybrid Buildings

Functional mix in a symbiotic relation

Rethinking Housing Typologies

Housing typologies for new ways of living