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L007_Asian Culture Centre Public Space

Gwangju, South Korea

Conceptual approach

The cultural richness and diversity of the 50 Asian nations are represented by 50 circular spaces, both open-air and built ones. These spaces have various dimensions, functions, materials and character but all together they shape a compact and coherent complex that is able to symbolize the identity of the Asian values.

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The Democratisation Movement marks the history of the site and will be symbolized through the intersection of spaces and the sharing of activities.The proposal achieves a non-hierarchical architectural order that symbolizes the democracy of the country.

The ambitious and innovative program of the ACC requires a combination of architecture, public space and urban planning to achieve a design capable of becoming an icon of the city of Gwangju and of the Asian Culture.

The ACC functions as a ‘green island’ within Gwangju city.

The location and the heights of the proposed buildings, together with the proposed pedestrian streets, are all in harmony with its context.

However, the morphology and the functions of the ACC area, contrasts radically with the urban context of the surroundings in order to create a new public space which is accessible to every citizen and it is capable of becoming an urban landmark of Gwangju.

Public buildings / programme

The whole street level of the ACC, including open-air spaces and ground floor built spaces, has the character of a public space.

The facilities required in the programme brief are provided in eight buildings:

The Asian Culture Network Centre, Visitor’s Service Centre, Supporting Facilities and the Guangju Citizens Cultural Centre are grouped together in one cluster.

The required amenity facilities are divided into three different pavilions in order to serve the three different zones of the ACC.

The Asian Cultural Creation Centre on the Northeast, combined with the Asian Artplex on the Southwest and the Children’s Museum in the Southeast, define the border of the ACC in the three corners of the site.

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Gwangju Municipality
Master plan: several public spaces, new uses (facilities)
11.8 Ha
14.2 Ha
€ 500.000.000