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A125_Durres Beach Cultural Centre

Durres, Albania

Durres Beach Cultural Center is a hybrid building that mixes architecture and landscape to create a “Cultural Dune” integrated into the Waterfront Plaza. It is formed by two differentiated parts, the Cultural Center and the Toporgraphic Roof.

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Cultural center

Located at ground floor, it has four connected arms in an X form that host four different but connected programs:

1. Mediatheque: library, study area, media lab and video game area.

2. Ludotheque: children 3-6, children 7-9, children 10-12, and children 13-15

3. Multifunctional room: lectures, exhibitions and workshops

4. Cafe-bookshop

Each program is strategically located in one of the arms responding to the functional necessities. All of them are accessible from the entrance hall of the center, but also from the exterior allowing them to expand the activities to the Waterfront Plaza or to function independently when the rest of the center is closed.

Topographic roof

The accessible roof of the building is formed by ramps, seats, and stairs creating a three dimensional landscape that visitors can explore entirely. The roof is equipped with an openair auditorium, resting areas, outdoor meeting rooms and an outdoor library connected to the one inside the building.


Durres Beach Cultural Center provides a rich cultural program for different target groups putting special attention on:

Families with children

More and more parents want to provide their children recreational activities with educational content in order to complement their physical exercise with learning activities.

Ludotheque and children library combine education and playing for small children. Audiovisual areas and video game areas are more suitable for older children with higher level of autonomy.

Young people

The cultural program for young people combines traditional cultural facilities with contemporary e-culture using modern technologies such as audiovisuals and video games for attracting young people to culture.


Students in Albania Park can combine studying in groups with sports and other kinds of entertainment. Computer areas, study rooms and multimedia labs can become attractive facilities for all kinds of students.

Expats and foreign tourists

The center is equipped with books, media, courses and activities available in different languages. Courses of languages, international exhibitions, events with music of the world and activities such as language exchange could attract and provide services to the large expat community living in Durres.

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Albanian Development Fund (ADF) / Municipality of Durres
Definitive phase approved
1195 m2