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A112_Mulmangol Bunker Busan

Busan, South Korea

“Open bunker” as a concept

A bunker, by definition, is a place built for providing protection, which is often placed underground, hidden and close. On the contrary, contemporary culture has the opposite character: is open, public, attractive and accessible to all the citizens.

“Open Bunker” is an oxymoron formed by two opposite concepts, which combined together acquire a new and stimulating meaning.

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On the one hand, “Open Bunker” is a metaphor that refers to the change of function of a military facility when is programed with contemporary culture. The program of the bunker with a varied and rich series of functions and activities is what makes it open and attractive for all kind of citizens and tourists.

On the other hand, “Open Bunker” is a metaphor that refers to the necessity of opening physically the bunker by creating new entrances and facilities that increase its visibility and accessibility for the citizens.

In resume, “Open Bunker” is a single concept that combines a rich and attractive cultural and recreational program with a functional and iconic architectural intervention.

“Open bunker” as a new icon of busan

Open bunker is characterized by a large scale land-art intervention which cut off part of the hill to create an open space for cultural activities. The void has the shape of a star of six arms, which creates a strong contrast between the sinuous and green aspect of the mountain and the geometric and rocky aspect of the cut.

The scale of the land-art intervention makes the shape of the star visible from the air. The shape of the star will be easy to recognize from aerial photos, satellite images of Busan and from google earth becoming a clear symbol that marks the site.

The void in the mountain represents and symbolizes a creative and unique place worthy of becoming a famous sight in Busan. The star will be the recognizable symbol of the open bunker, becoming part of the graphic identity of the Open Bunker.

The star land-art intervention marks Monamol hill as a recognizable tourist destination of visitors of Busan, which is connected with the surrounding tourism resources such as the Beacon Tower and the Observatory on top of Hwangnyoengsan Mountain.

“Open bunker” as a multilayered design

Open Bunker consists of two main overlapping layers: The Recreational Hill and The Culture Bunker.

Recreational Hill

It is a free recreational area open to all the citizens on the sides and top of the hill.

It consists on a network of paths which connects the main access points located at the urban areas around the hill with the activity zones. These activity zones are dedicated to recreational functions such as exercise areas, aerial adventure park or climbing areas.

Culture Bunker

It is the area of the hill programmed with cultural program and its necessary facilities.

It consists of three parts:

a. Entrance Plaza (level +80.0)

It is the main access point to the Culture Bunker. It consists of a parking for buses, an underground parking for 300 cars, a kiss & ride with dropping area, a bus stop in the main road and escalators and lift to access to the Open Bunker.

b. Open Bunker (level +100.0)

It is a large space excavated in the hill which is programmed with a rich and varied cultural program, both in the open public space and in the build spaces around this public space.

The open bunker also works as an access plaza to enter in the undergorund bunker placed at he same level.

c. Underground Bunker (level +100.0)

The existing underground bunker has been spatially preserved and functionally renewed to present a varied cultural program.

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Kyungdong Construction Co, Busan International Architectural Culture Festival
Restoration and activation of existing bunker, Cultural program (exhibition space, art galleries, theatre, cinemas, studios, educational workshops), Cafes, Restaurants and Recreative programme, Public space and Recreational Park
Competition. Third prize
134,000 m2
11,000 m2