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A027_Nam June Paik Museum

Nyoggi, South Korea

Within a small forest in Nyoggi city, South Korea, a new museum to exhibit the works of the video-artist Nam June Paik has to be designed.

The proposal seeks to create an extraordinary exhibition space (a huge inner empty space, an inner cube of 22x22x22 m) where Nam June Paik would have been able to realize one of his biggest permanent installations.

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The ‘glass case’ that defines and protects this exhibition space is a cubic structure that shelters the museum functions and that acts as an architectonic interface between two realities: the external ‘real’ world and the artistic Nam June Paik’s world.

From within the central space, the visitor perceives a different reality that obliges him to reflect on concepts such as ‘space’, ‘scale’, ‘light’, ‘gravity’…

From outside the museum will be seen as an enigmatic piece semi buried in the earth in the middle of a forest. Only through some transparent openings, the observer will deduce activity in the interior of this ‘silent’ volume.

The exhibition concept is based on a basic exhibition unit capable of functioning in an independent way or of being combined with other units in order to provide enough space for big format works in a flexible way.

It is possible to combine some of them on different levels in order to get higher spaces if this is needed.

In each of these combinations, the exhibition unit is provided with a series of mechanisms that will guarantee a highly rich flexibility in terms of light, considering both: natural and artificial one.

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The Kyonggi Cultural Foundation
Video-Art Museum
5.000 m²
8.200.000 €