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A026_Hybrid Housing Block_the Hague

The Hague, Netherlands

The proposal mixes part of the existing urban tissue with new urban typologies, ‘U.E.T.’ (urban extruded typologies), that will be spread out along the whole area in order to achieve a new urban intensity within a sustainable process.

Within the frame of each urban type a basic ‘housing-unit’ will be defined, flexible enough to answer the demands of the future users and to be easily adapted to new needs and/or new users in the long term.

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The spatial flexibility is the main aim of this proposal when considering the small scale: diaphanous spaces, double orientated rooms, parts of the housing two or three stories high and one single volume that will shelter all the services (kitchens, bathrooms, storages…) are the elements that will be combined in different ways in order to offer the future user a lot of possible combinations in the houses.

‘Hybrid clusters’

The combination of these new urban typologies into ‘hybrid clusters’ will give rise to morphologically complex elements with multiple possible combinations as well as a high diversity of open-air spaces.

The proposal seeks to create a flexible architectural frame in which the relationship between contemporary arquitecture and society can be strongly improved.

The ‘Urban Morphing’ master plan in Morgenstond Midden will start its development with a first cluster

The open areas of the cluster will also provide a lot of flexibility in use and orientation, thus creating vibrant and live common areas and connections among typologies.

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Den Haag Municipality Staedion Vastgoed
136 dwellings: 101 apartments, 28 row houses, 7 patio-penthouses
Competition: First prize
11.200 m²