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A019_Tomihiro Museum

Azuma, Japan

The new Tomihiro Museum has to be designed to exhibit ‘Shi-Ga’ art works (a combination of poems and watercolours) created by the Japanese painter Tomihiro Hoshino.

The museum will be placed in an exceptional location between the lake and the mountains of the Azuma village, facing the water.

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The museum creates a new landscape

The exterior of the museum becomes a public park for the region, consisting of granite platforms, viewpoints and paths designed to fully enjoy the natural environment.

“Magic lanterns” colonize the site

Some special volumes designed as ‘Magic Lanterns’ made of glass and with different sizes and colours colonize the site.

Landmarks in the landscape, they are the evidence of the main spaces of the semi buried museum.

The shi-ga concept

The ‘lanterns’ are the nexus between the Shi-Ga concept and the building.

For the visitor of the museum, they are meditation rooms that set in framework special elements of the landscape.

The ‘lanterns’ become relax areas in the continuous circulation of the visit of the museum and provoque in the visitor the indispensable emotional frame to enjoy the Shi-Ga art.

Some poems are printed on the translucent glass of the lanterns. They become part of the landscape and give their light to the lake and the mountains at night.

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Azuma Municipality
Shi-Ga museum (poems and watercolour paitings)
21.600 m²
3.000 m²
1.2 billion yen