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A017_Patio Villas

Groningen, Netherlands

Within an enclosed intimate urban courtyard, limited by row housing, a green area and a big historical tree, near the downtown, three freestanding “patio-villa” and a small playground area have to be built.

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Folding the wall

The proposal seeks to colonize the space between built elements, gardens and nature by using a ‘flexible’ element that will allow to design not only the new individual housing themselves, but also the private, semi-public and public spaces that surround them.

By using this strategy it will be avoided to build only three free standing houses with no connection with their surroundings and the whole intervention will guarantee a strong new identity in the area.

A wooden wall folds itself to create the villas, the patios, gardens and urban elements, enclosing different spaces with different “atmospheres”.

The wall defines an “interior landscape”, sheltered from the urban life.

The villa contains a sculptural volume that shelters kitchen, bathrooms and storage rooms. This “sculpture” faces a double height living room.

The living room can be completely open towards the patio and the garden in summertime, becoming part of the outside landscape.

Between the core and the skin of the house a continuous and flexible space is limited. This space will be designed according to the specific requirements of each future user.

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Nijestee Vastgoed
Residential, Patio Houses
611 m²
Van der Weele, Groningen
€ 655.000
Christian Richters, John Lewis Marshall, Ger van der Vlugt, Casanova + Hernandez architects