Casanova+Hernandez architects | A010_Museum of Modern Art


A010_Museum of Modern Art

Bozen, Italy

Mimicry: the museum follows the existing urban tissue, its voids and its rhythm.

Three volumes, connected on different levels, are situated within the site in order to create ‘urban tension’.

New squares, pedestrian paths and meeting points appear among the volumes and are designed as open-air exhibition areas.

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Medium scale: 3 “stones”

Exhibition volume: it contains the exhibition spaces, ‘fluid’ rooms that allow high level of flexibility in terms of surface, height and lighting conditions.

Communication volume: it contains the spaces for information purposes, workshops, library and auditorium.

‘Creation’ volume: this is a showroom in which the invited artists can work, exhibit their works and contact the visitors of the museum. It is a dynamic space where art is experienced directly.

Inner spaces: void and mass

The museum is conceived as a poetic dialogue between void and mass.

The void excavates the mass. The natural light penetrates the whole building through the void.

he works colonize the mass. Stairs, lifts and corridors colonize the void.

The exhibition rooms have no inner fixed partitions. They work as “exhibition machines” and change temporary their physical conditions in order to embrace the works.

Large “crystals” are incrusted in the exhibition rooms and filter the natural light, creating a big variety of “atmospheres” required by the pieces of art.

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Autonome Province Bozen
Museum for Contemporary Art
7.900 m²
€ 15.000.000